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Table 3 Proportions of asparagine residues in the coding sequences of gyrases A and B in four species of Plasmodium

From: Unique features of apicoplast DNA gyrases from Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum

  P. falciparum P. vivax P. cynomolgi P. knowlesi
Gyrase A 14.65 (10.97) 7.44 7.98 9.04
Gyrase B 13.72 (10.83) 10.15 8.04 7.56
  1. Figures are given in percentages (%). The figures in parentheses for P. falciparum are proportions of asparagine residues in the signal peptides (Pf-GyrA: 1–155, Pf-GyrB: 1–120).