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Table 1 Data set summaries

From: Semi-supervised adaptive-height snipping of the hierarchical clustering tree

Cancer type Reference # Samples (feat.) Data type
Lung.1 Beer(2002) 86(7129) mRNA
Leukemia Bullinger(2004) 116(6283) mRNA
Lung.2 Bhattacharjee(2001) 125(3171) mRNA
Lymphoma Rosenwald(2002) 240(7399) mRNA
Prostate Sboner(2010) 281(6100) mRNA
Glioblastoma Verhaak(2010) 158(10850) DNA
  1. Time-to-death follow-up information is available for all data sets except for the Leukemia data set for which follow-up data is time-to-relapse.