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Table 2 Results of DRF12 to retrieve sams-1 interacting proteins from iRefIndex

From: An evidence-based approach to identify aging-related genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

Protein identifier Number of supporting articles Experimental method identifier
uniprot:O17680 1 psi-mi:0397
uniprot:O17680 1 psi-mi:0398
uniprot:P48181 1 psi-mi:0676
uniprot:P48181 1 psi-mi:0109
uniprot:P50305 1 psi-mi:0397
uniprot:P50305 1 psi-mi:0398
uniprot:P50306 1 psi-mi:0397
uniprot:P50306 1 psi-mi:0398
uniprot:Q27522 1 psi-mi:0397
uniprot:Q27522 1 psi-mi:0398