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Table 1 Some of the programs that populate the database tables

From: dbVOR: a database system for importing pedigree, phenotype and genotype data and exporting selected subsets

Program name Table Behavior
dbvor createdb all tables defined create a database, create auser and load schemadefinitions
dbvor newmarker markers define new markers
dbvor missingmarkerinfo markers, marker_info list markers without map info for the named build
dbvor allelemap allele_map store genotype remapping for a marker/experiment
dbvor marker_info marker_info store genetic and physical position data for a specific map build
dbvor markeralias marker_aliases store alternate names for markers
dbvor gmimarker marker_info store marker mapinformation presented inGenetic Map Interpolator(GMI) format [8]
dbvor gmimarkeralias marker_aliases store marker aliasing data presented in GMI format
dbvor sample samples store sample data andassociate it with thecorresponding members
dbvor trait traits, traitmeta store trait values formembers
dbvor member members store pedigree information
dbvor memberalias member_aliases store alternate names for members
dbvor create_experiment experiments create entry in experiment table associating ID with experiment string
dbvor set_experiment_date experiments set date field ofspecified experiment inthe experiment table
dbvor delete_experiment experiments delete all genotype data for the specified experiment
dbvor set_active genotypes set the active flag, to turn on/off specific data