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Table 13 Logistic regression coefficients of classifiers

From: Secondary structural entropy in RNA switch (Riboswitch) identification

Classifier β 1 β 2
LMFEGCRND 3.191,.336,.683,-.723,-.465 5.052,-.161,-.089,-7.454,.220
LMFEGCBJK 10.597,-.203,.367,-10.856,.651 5.524,-.082,-.132,-9.247,.120
LMFEGC 3.869,.052,.525,-1.419 3.373,-.025,-.068,-6.234
  1. Regression coefficients (exponents) of the multinomial logistic regression classifier: intercept, Length, MFE, GC-composition, Entropy. Parameter vectors β 1 and β 2 denote coefficients for E. coli UTRs and ribswitch sense sequences for the riboswitches of the training set, respectively. Coefficients normalized with respect to those for riboswitch antisenses. i. e. antisense coeficients being 0.