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Table 18 Classification performance in B. subtilis under 157 nt Length

From: Secondary structural entropy in RNA switch (Riboswitch) identification

Classifier T P % F P 1 % F P 3 %
L,MFE,GC,RND 81.8 19.5 18.2
L,MFE,GC 63.6 2.1 0
L,MFE,GC,BJK 54.5 8.3 18.2
  1. Classifier performance on the eleven riboswitches in B. subtilis. Constant length of 157 nt used. Sequence segments chosen according to the scanning procedure. Intergenic regions were divided into non-overlapping 157 nt segments with most downstream segment ending at its corresponding downstream opron. Segments with maximum overlap with riboswitches were chosen as true positives. T P % denotes percentages of correctly classified riboswitches. F P 1 % denotes percentage of misclassified antisense. F P 3 % denotes percentage of misclassified negative control segments. Average and standard deviation of the MFE values for the negative control segments are −30.7 and 8.2, respectively.