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Table 1 Data sets analyzed

From: Cell-composition effects in the analysis of DNA methylation array data: a mathematical perspective

  GEO accession Platf Ref Description n Covariate model
Ref. Blood GSE39981 27K [18,52] Human leukocyte subtypes purified from whole blood samples. 73 [whole|gran|mono|B|NK|CD4 + T|CD8 + T|Pan-T]
GSE35069 450K [47] Human leukocyte subtypes purified from whole blood samples. 54 [whole|neut|eos|gran|mono|B|NK|CD4 + T|CD8 + T]
Blood GSE30229* 27K [16] Peripheral blood from 92 head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) patients and 92 controls. 184 [control|HNSCC] + age
GSE19711 27K [1] Whole blood from 131 ovarian cancer cases (drawn pre-treatment) and 274 controls. 405 [control|ov Cancer] + age
GSE42861 450K [17] Peripheral blood from 354 rheumatoid arthritis patients and 335 controls. 689 [control|arthritis]
Breast Tum GSE32393 27K [35] Breast tumor samples: 91 invasive ductal, 13 invasive lobular, 10 mucinous or medullary; 76 were ER+. 114 [ER-|ER+] + [duct|lob|muc or med] + age
Gastric GSE30601 27K [53] 203 gastric tumors and 94 matched gastric non-malignant samples. 297 [normal|tumor]
Liver GSE60753 450K [54] 34 normal liver tissues, 21 cirrhotic tissues (due to alcoholism), 45 cirrhotic tissues [due to chronic hepatitis B (HBV) or C (HCV) viral infection]. 100 [normal|CirrEtOH|CirrV]
Artery GSE46394 450K [55] 15 normal aortic tissues, 15 atherosclerotic lesions, 19 carotid atherosclerotic samples. 49 [normal|ath|carotid ath] + [female|male] + age
  1. * For the HNSCC data, age is not available in the GEO submission GSE30229, but was obtained from the authors of the original study.