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Table 1 Our PAS patterns focus on verb and preposition predicates

From: Wide-coverage relation extraction from MEDLINE using deep syntax

No. PAS Patterns Examples
1 N P 1VerbN P 2 Protein RepA(cop) ← affects → a single amino acid
2 N P 1Verbb y+N P 2 Diabetes ← induced → by streptozotocin injection
3 N P 1VerbN P Endothelin-1 (ET-1) ← had → a strong effect
  \(\overset {\uparrow }{Prep.} \rightarrow {NP}_{2}\) \(\overset {\uparrow }{in}\) → all trabeculae
4 N P 1Link. VerbA D J PP r e p.→N P 2 EPO receptor ← be → present ←i n→ epithelial cells
5 N P 1VerbP r e p.→N P 2 Apoptosis ← involved ← in → CD4 T lymphocytes
6 N P 1Prep.N P 2 vitronectin ← in → the connective tissue
  1. An arrow going from a to b means that a modifies b, where a is called a predicate, and b is called an argument. <N P 1,N P 2> is a relevant NP pair in each pattern.