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Table 2 Setting the energy threshold

From: Mirinho: An efficient and general plant and animal pre-miRNA predictor for genomic and deep sequencing data

Species Energy threshold Chromosome GC%
C. briggsae −16 I 37,76
M. musculus −19 19 42,73
G. gorilla −19 22 47,74
D. simulans −21 2R 43,93
G. gallus −24 25 54,96
B. taurus −25 25 46,96
C. elegans III 35,75
D. melanogaster 2R 41,84
H. sapiens 19 50,06
  1. Energy thresholds, obtained with the methodology mentioned in Section “Setting the energy threshold”, and the GC% of the different chromosomes from dataset D1, including the ones for test from dataset D4 (three last lines). To choose the genomes, we mainly considered the GC content (varying from 37% to 54%), as this plays an important role in determining a hairpin structure.