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Table 3 Comparison of the sensitivity, precision and specificity using as input the pre-miRNA dataset D3

From: Mirinho: An efficient and general plant and animal pre-miRNA predictor for genomic and deep sequencing data

  24760.118s 4376.739s 1.251s 3345.317s  
Sensitivity 100 88 97 95  
Precision 49 84 72 94  
Specificity 0 84 64 94  
Sensitivity 100 93 98 97  
Precision 38 78 71 91  
  1. The first three lines contain the results when using the original dataset with 163 positive pre-miRNAs and 168 pseudo pre-miRNAs. The last two lines contain the results when using only the 102 positive pre-miRNAs, from the same dataset, annotated with high confidence according to MIRBASE. The energy threshold used in MIRINHO was -20.6 kcal/mol. Values for the three measures are given in percentage.