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Fig. 9

From: UNCLES: method for the identification of genes differentially consistently co-expressed in a specific subset of datasets

Fig. 9

Demonstration of the iterative process of selecting the best four yeast clusters from both types A and B using M-N plots. The union of the scattered black squares and red stars in the M-N plots of the first column represents all of the clusters generated at all of the K values and at all of the δ or (δ+, δ-) values. The big solid blue circle represents the best cluster, i.e. the cluster closest to the top left corner. The red stars represent the clusters which share at least one gene with that best cluster. Moving through the plots from the left to the right, the clusters marked by red stars are removed and the process is repeated iteratively over the remaining clusters. The first four iterations for types A and B are shown in this Figure

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