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Table 4 List of constants used in our reproduced model (compare Table 1)

From: PROKARYO: an illustrative and interactive computational model of the lactose operon in the bacterium Escherichia coli

Lactose operon model parameter list
Parameter Value Description
μ 0.02 m i n −1 Bacterial growth rate.
D 2 m b p Lac promoter concentration.
k M 180 m i n −1 Maximal transcription initiation rate of the lac promoter.
k E 18.8 m i n −1 Translation initiation rate of lacZ transcript.
k L 6.0×104 m i n −1 Maximal lactose uptake rate per permease.
γ M 0.48 m i n −1 lacZ mRNA dilution/degradation rate.
γ E 0.03 m i n −1 Lac permease degradation/dilution rate.
γ L 0.02 m i n −1 Lactose degradation/dilution rate.
k pc 30 Cooperative promoter-CAP binding site interaction
p p 0.127 Polymerase binding probability to the lac promoter.
ϕ M 3.6 ×104 m i n −1 Max. rate of lac-to-allolac and lac-to-gal metabolism
K G 2.6 μ M CAP complex binding affinity to DNA based on external glucose concentration.
n h 1.3 CAP complex binding affinity to external glucose.
ξ 2 0.05 Affinity of active repressor for Operator O 2.
ξ 3 0.01 Affinity of active repressor for Operator O 3.
ξ 123 163 Stability of the O 1- O 2- O 3-repressor complex.
ρ max 1.3 Repression affinity of lac operon promoter
K A 2.92 ×106 m p b Allolactose-repressor subunit dissociation rate.
k L 680 μ M Half-saturation constant for lactose uptake rate.
ϕ G 0.35 Permease activity as a function of inside glucose concentration
k G 1.0 μ M Permease activity as a function of outside glucose concentration.
k M 7.0 ×105 m p b Max. transcription initiation rate of lac promoter