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Table 1 IPN expression data

From: Interlog protein network: an evolutionary benchmark of protein interaction networks for the evaluation of clustering algorithms

Network name STRING derived networks (Nodes and Edges) Co-expression networks (Nodes and Edges) Matched edges Ratio of matched edges
Interlog protein network (IPN) 31, 63 20, 22 13 ~60 %
Protein-protein interaction network (PPIN) 563, 2431 230, 1205 150 12 %
  1. Using the expression proteomic data, a correlation network was constructed and compared to database derived networks i.e. IPN and PPIN. This evaluation was performed for rat mitochondrial proteins and related proteins and their links were considered. The number of nodes and edges in STRING derived (col 2) and co-expression (col 3) networks are presented in this table along with the number of matched or same edges in two corresponding networks (col 4). The edge matching ratios of these networks are represented (col 5)