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Fig. 6

From: PDB-Explorer: a web-based interactive map of the protein data bank in shape space

Fig. 6

Interface of PDB-Explorer website. Main window: color-coded similarity map of PDB in 3DP-similarity space, with image of the protein in the pixel marked by the mouse cursor on the map. Upload PDB: place to load a user-defined PDB-file to be shown on the 3DP-similarity map (structure must contain properly annotated atoms). Average PDB: interactive 3D-view of the molecule corresponding to the most average entry in selected pixel. Locate Molecule: interface to type PDB entry codes to be shown on the map. Show Bin: full list of all proteins contain in the selected pixel. Similarity Search: window to enter PDB-code and search for nearest neighbours in 3DP-space, and display of the nearest neighbour list. JSmol: 3D-display of selected entry

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