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Table 1 Spearman correlation between PCR measured fold change /EST enrichment score and significance of differentiation for MAQC/SEQC analysis

From: A semi-parametric statistical model for integrating gene expression profiles across different platforms

Spearman correlation Our method DEseq eBayes Fisher Stoufferc Rankprod
Taqman PCRa 0.872 0.761 0.714 0.765 - 0.730
EST enrichment scoreb 0.276 0.111 0.169 0.106 0.201 0.281
  1. aCorrelation is calculated based on the 836 genes that are validated by Taqman PCR
  2. bCorrelation is calculated based on 118 brain specific genes obtained from TiGER database
  3. cCorrelation is not computed for Stouffer method as it generates many p-values at 0