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Table 1 Overview of the networks used in the evaluation process and the gold standards. Gold standard representation is shown in the original PPI network and in the selected networks. Edges signify the number of edges connecting GS Nodes in the network

From: ChainRank, a chain prioritisation method for contextualisation of biological networks

Application case Network properties Gold standard (GS) Start protein End protein GS representation
Edges Nodes     Nodes Edges
Human PPI network 61872 10167 IGF-Akt pathway - - 13 20
COPD specific MAPK - - 21 34
Muscle specific case 847 308 IGF-Akt pathway IGF1 RPS6KB1 9 10
COPD related case 544 152 COPD specific MAPK EGFR SRF, CREBBP, ELK1, MYC 11 8