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Table 4 Examples of NOBLE matching strategies produced by combinations of matching options

From: NOBLE – Flexible concept recognition for large-scale biomedical natural language processing

Use Cases Combination of matching options
Task Description Subsumption Overlap Contiguity Order Partial
Best match Provides the narrowest meaningful match with the fewest candidates. Best for concept coding and information extraction. Yes Yes Yes (gap = 1) No No
All match Provides as many matched candidates as possible. Best for information retrieval and text mining. No Yes No No No
Precise match Attempts to minimize the number of false positives by filtering out candidates that do not appear in exactly the same form as in controlled terminology. Similar to best match, but increases precision at the expense of recall. Yes No Yes (gap = 0) Yes No
Sloppy match Allows matching of concepts even if the entire term representing it is not mentioned in input text. Best for concept coding with small, controlled terminologies and poorly developed synonymy. No Yes No No Yes
  1. For contiguity, the gap indicates the number of words (not counting stop words) that can occur in-between words that make up a valid term