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Table 1 Summary of the database schema used in Broadwick

From: Broadwick: a framework for computational epidemiology

Locations Contains the id and (x-y or latitude-longitude) coordinates of each location
Populations Contains the location id and a number of
  individuals at the location with a date.
LifeHistories Contains the date and locations of each
  individuals birth and death.
Tests Contains the date and results of a test on a
  given location, group or individual.
FullMovements Contains an individual’s id and the date
  and id of the departure location and the date
  and id of the destination location.
DirectedMovements Contains the id, date and direction of a
  movement (‘ON’ or ‘OFF’)
BatchedMovements Contains the ids, dates of the ‘ON’
  and ‘OFF’ sides of the movement as
  well as the number of individuals moved.