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Fig. 2

From: SPARTA: Simple Program for Automated reference-based bacterial RNA-seq Transcriptome Analysis

Fig. 2

Data analysis execution time comparison between SPARTA and Rockhopper2. The two programs were compared for execution time when processing one, two, or three experimental conditions as compared to a reference condition. Both SPARTA (1.0) and Rockhopper2 (2.03) were installed and tested on an off-the-shelf iMac (2.7 GHz i5, 8 GB memory, OSX 10.11.2). Dependencies: Java (1.6.0_65), Python (2.7.9), and R (3.2.2). Data are the mean of three software executions and error bars represent the standard deviation. Data files (100,000 reads/file) utilized were the example data bundled with SPARTA

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