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Table 2 Comparison of HPG Pore to the other tools available

From: HPG pore: an efficient and scalable framework for nanopore sequencing data

Feature HPG Pore poRe Poretools
Extract FASTq Y Y Y
Extract FASTA Y Y Y
Organise fast5 into run folders Y
Create tar files of runs Y
Organise the results into run folders Y
Plot yield Y Y Y
Plot squiggle Y Y Y
Extract run stats Y Y Y
Read length histogram Y Y Y
read length (max., avg., min) Y Y Y
Mean read quality Y
Nucleotides content: count and % Y Y1
Plot Frequency- %GC Y
Plot per base sequence content Y
Read quality histogram Y
Reads per channel histogram Y Y Y2
Nucleotides per channel histogram Y Y
  1. 1 Poretools does not display the nucleotide content percentage, only counts
  2. 2 Poretools returns the occupancy of pores, not the reads per channel