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Table 1 Pattern count on raw data (A and B), after a rough preprocessing step (C, D and E) to discard empty patterns or patterns containing obviously more than 2 cells on the first frame of the sequence. Eventually, the number of pattern where a transition from two to three cell was detected automatically (F) or manually (G). While a lower number of event is selected automatically, more than 80 % of the events selected automatically were also part of the manual selection whatever the experimental condition

From: Detection and tracking of overlapping cell nuclei for large scale mitosis analyses

  Cyclophilin LGN p62
  siRNA siRNA siRNA
A) Total number of fields of view (=large videos) 4 5 6
B) Total number of micropatterns (=single cluster videos) 1116 1393 1668
C) Micropatterns with no cells (excluded) 400 607 719
D) Micropatterns with too many cells at time 0 (excluded) 51 64 120
E) Micropatterns with a low number of cells at time 0 665 722 829
F) Events selected automatically from (E) 122 135 97
G) Events selected manually 184 197 227
H) Proportion of (F) also in (G) 85.9 % 82.5 % 81.8 %