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Table 1 Running time comparison of GRASPx and PSI-BLAST on DS2

From: GRASPx: efficient homolog-search of short peptide metagenome database through simultaneous alignment and assembly

genome prot. CPU Wall Perc. CPU CPU Wall Perc. CPU
SGO 2051 148h55m 9h36m 1553 % 29h20m 9h52m 304 %
PAC 2297 157h40m 10h01m 1574 % 26h27m 8h35m 315 %
  1. ‘Query genome’ indicates the genome from which the query sequences were obtained; SGO: Streptococcus gordonii; PAC: Propionibacterium acnes. ‘Num. prot.’ indicates the number of protein sequences that are annotated in the corresponding genome and used as the queries. ‘CPU’ and ‘Wall’ indicate the CPU time and wall-clock time for the corresponding program to search all query proteins sequences against DS2, respectively. ‘Perc. CPU’ indicates the percentage of CPU used for the search (both programs were assigned with 16 CPUs; PSI-BLAST only used 4 CPUs at maximum)