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Table 2 Details of all 61 FAD binding proteins with a UniProt ID in the present study (six FAD binding proteins in electron transport served as an independent data set)

From: Prediction of FAD binding sites in electron transport proteins according to efficient radial basis function networks and significant amino acid pairs

Independent dataset Training dataset
P00455 O95831 P21890 P08165 Q5SJP8 Q92947
Q03103 P00371 P26440 Q5SH33 Q5SK63 Q945K2
Q96HE7 P00390 P37747 P66004 Q5UVJ4 Q96329
Q9YHT1 P07342 P38038 Q0QLF4 Q709F0 Q9AL95
P55931 O53355 P39662 Q28943 Q7SID9 C6ELC9
A3KEZ1 O54050 P41367 P97275 Q7WZ62 D0VWY5
  O60341 P45954 Q2GBV9 Q7X2H8 O52582
  P0A6U3 P47989 Q389T8 Q7ZA32 Q9RSY7
  P15651 P49748 Q47PU3 Q8DMN3 Q9UBK8
  P19920 P55789 Q52437 Q8X1D8 Q9UKU7
  P07872 P09622 Q9HJI4 Q9HKS9 Q9HTK9