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Fig. 2

From: A comprehensive collection of annotations to interpret sequence variation in human mitochondrial transfer RNAs

Fig. 2

Overview of the usage of mitochondrial tracks at MSeqDR GBrowse. MSeqDR website provides access to a GBrowse useful to visualize genomics data. Users can upload the four tracks generated in this work in the “Custom Tracks” section of the browser (a). For the sake of simplicity, the only “MT-patho.RNA” track is here shown, including data about pathogenic variants in mt-tRNA and mt-rRNA genes. The custom track can be selected, totally or partially (only transitions, transversions, insertions or deletions, b) and then visualized in the browser (c) where users can search for a specific genomic region of interest. Eventually, detailed information can be shown by clicking on a specific variant site (d)

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