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Table 1 Hardware resources

From: Fine-grained parallelization of fitness functions in bioinformatics optimization problems: gene selection for cancer classification and biclustering of gene expression data

Devices Features  
FPGAs: Technology Logic cells DSP slices RAM blocks
xc5vlx330-1ff1760 65nm 331,776 192 10,368 kB
xc6vlx550t-2ff1759 40nm 549,888 864 22,752 kB
xc6slx150-3fgg676 45nm 147,443 180 4,824 kB
CPUs: Technology GHz   
Core2-E6750 65nm 2.6   
i7-950 45nm 3.07   
i5-2430 32nm 2.4   
i7-2600 32nm 3.4