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Table 2 ADEs Discovered through DEG Analysis

From: Leveraging graph topology and semantic context for pharmacovigilance through twitter-streams

Drug Effect Ref Drug Tweet Effect Tweet
Pravastatin Eczema [38] Sertraline and Propranolol in the morning low dose Propranolol throughout the day Trazodone, Loxapine and pravastatin at night then theres the Clobetasol Propionate for my Eczema.
Atenolol Cramps [39] I’m only way to changing my BP medication. The Atenolol I have been taking hasn’t been effective enough. I was in hospital last weekend. I’m just here trying to deal with cramps while watching Jesus documentaries on TV.
Vyvanse Alopecia (Balding) [40] Starting to take Vyvanse again tomorrow Heck yeah I went bald
Digoxin Exhaustion [41] digoxin why u gotta be so complicated? Why am I so exhausted 24/7 I’m so over this ughhhhh
Tamoxifen Stroke [42] I learned about tamoxifen and strokes after my aunt died of a massive bleed after unnecessary long tamoxifen treatment. Nurse told me! [see Drug tweet]
  1. Table 2 This table contains ADEs that were implied by the topology of DEGSider. Evidence for each of these ADEs was found both in the Twitter-stream as well as in medical literature. Twitter text is provided with the medical entities in bold (text is nominally altered/censored where appropriate). This process of ADE hypothesis has potential use in helping fill gaps in the databases like SIDER, when evidence from the literature is present. It may also be used to hypothesize new and unreported ADEs for further investigation