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Table 1 Each topic is composed a set of genes. Genes are ranked according to the probability of topic-gene matrix. The table shows the top 10 genes at the time point of 4 days

From: Application of dynamic topic models to toxicogenomics data

Topic1 Topic2 Topic3 Topic4 Topic5
 Acot1_up  Lcn2_up  Dhrs7_down  Trib3_up  Acot1_up
 Vnn1_up  S100a8_up  Akr1b7_up  Fgf21_up  Fabp3_up
 Aig1_up  S100a9_up  Slc22a8_down  Ddit3_up  Cpt1b_up
 Ehhadh_up  LOC360228_up  Rbp7_up  Pycr1_up  Hdc_up
 Eci1_up  Spink3_up  A1bg_up  Nupr1_up  Vnn1_up
 Ech1_up  RGD1307603_down  Car3_down  Acot1_up  Aig1_up
 Cyp4a1_up  Lbp_up  Ust5r_down  Phgdh_up  Acot3_up
 Acaa1a_up  A2m_up  Rdh2_down  Gsta5_up  Aqp7_up
 Acot2_up  Stac3_down  Gsta5_up  Asns_up  RGD1305928_up
 Aldh1a1_up  Cxcl1_up  Cyp3a9_up  Akr7a3_up  Stac3_down
Topic6 Topic7 Topic8 Topic9 Topic10
 Cyp2c11_down  Stac3_down  Car3_down  Gstm3_up  Gsta5_up
 Car3_down  Aldh1a1_up  Dhrs7_down  Stac3_down  Ces2c_up
 Cyp2a2_down  Ces2c_up  Cyp2c11_down  Lcn2_up  Aldh1a1_up
 Ust5r_down  Gsta5_up  Stac3_down  Car3_down  Aldh1a7_up
 Hao2_down  Akr7a3_up  Ust5r_down  Zfp354a_down  Akr7a3_up
 Cyp3a2_down  Scd1_down  Kynu_down  Sds_down  Stac3_down
 Cyp2d3_down  Mgmt_up  Sult1c3_down  Lbp_up  Dhrs7_down
 Slc10a1_down  Oat_down  Sult1e1_down  Gpnmb_up  Abcc3_up
 Sult1e1_down  Cdkn1a_up  Aldh1a7_up  Epcam_up  Ugt2b1_up
 Lipc_down  Ccng1_up  Slc22a8_down  LOC360228_up  Cyp1a1_up
Topic11 Topic12 Topic13 Topic14 Topic15
 Gstp1_up  Stac3_down  Oat_down  Stac3_down  RGD1584021_up
 Stac3_down  Oat_down  Gstm3_up  Cyp1a1_up  Isg15_up
 Akr7a3_up  Dhrs7_down  Stac3_down  Scd1_down  Gstm3_up
 Oat_down  Lcn2_up  Pln_up  Kif20a_down  Fads1_down
 Ccrn4l_up  Gstm3_up  Aldh1a1_up  Ccnb1_down  Ca2_up
 Pycr1_up  Cyp1a2_down  Rbp7_up  Ect2_down  Fads2_down
 Inmt_down  Fam25a_up  Ces2c_up  Ube2c_down  Slc6a13_down
 Tmed3_up  Sds_down  Ccng1_up  Nusap1_down  Rsad2_up
 Fkbp11_up  Anxa2_up  Pbk_up  Cdk1_down  LOC100361444_up
 Cdk1_up  Aldh1a1_up  Inmt_down  Prc1_down  Ftcd_down
Topic16 Topic17 Topic18 Topic19 Topic20
 Car3_down  A2m_up  Akr1b7_up  Scd1_down  Pglyrp1_up
 Gstm3_up  Lcn2_up  Isyna1_up  Zfp354a_up  Cyp1a2_down
 Stac3_down  Stac3_down  Stac3_down  Gsta5_up  Npy_up
 Aldh1a1_up  Serpina7_up  Aldh1a1_up  Dhrs7_down  Pln_up
 Trib3_up  Cxcl1_up  Spink3_down  Ube2c_down  Ces2c_up
 Aldh1a7_up  Lbp_up  Scd1_down  RGD1309362_down  Rbp7_up
 Gsta5_up  LOC360228_up  A2m_down  Aldh1a7_up  Lcn2_up
 Cyp4b1_up  Dhrs7_down  Cyp17a1_up  Aldh1a1_up  Tspan8_up
 Spink1_down  Fgl1_up  Aldh1a7_up  Hamp_up  LOC299282_down
 Hal_down  S100a9_up  Cyp2c11_down  Gstt3_up  S100a10_up