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Table 1 Time and memory consumption for peak-calling the six replicates of H3K4me3 in H1

From: Sierra platinum: a fast and robust peak-caller for replicated ChIP-seq experiments with visual quality-control and -steering

Method 100nt, 400nt 50nt, 200nt
  Time (mm:ss) Max mem (GB) Time (h:mm:ss) Max mem (GB)
Sierra platinum 23:16 20.0 48:46 24
PePr a59:15 a16.0 a4:12:46 a21.24
MACS-SA 33:23 1.0 33.41 0.96
MACS-CR 30:47 3.4 30:15 3.26
  1. All results were obtained on the same machine (see Additional file 1 for hardware specification) and with the same input files using a cut-off value of p=10−5
  2. aElapsed time or maximal memory used until crash