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Table 4 Each row lists the Uniprot IDs of the proteins in an embedding of the most abundant motif of size 10 found by our method in hhv-8 PPI network

From: Identification of large disjoint motifs in biological networks

O40944 P88947 P88935 P88951 P88960 P88940 P90489 P88918 P90495 P88902
O40910 O40944 P88947 P88929 P88920 P88925 P88927 P90486 P88918 P88954
P88918 P88919 P88929 P88948 P88920 P88950 O36551 P88942 Q98141 P88954
O40944 Q98141 P88920 P88951 P88954 P88947 P88948 P88958 P88939 P88944