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Table 1 All ENCODE cell-lines for which matched ChIP-seq data was available for the full set of histone modifications considered in this study (listed in Table 2)

From: Distributed gene expression modelling for exploring variability in epigenetic function

Cell-line Tier Description Lineage Tissue Karyotype
A549 2 Alveolar carcinoma Endoderm Epithelium Cancer
GM12878 1 B-lymphocyte Mesoderm Blood Normal
H1-hESC 1 Embryonic stem cells Inner cell mass Embryonic stem cell Normal
HeLa-S3 2 Cervical carcinoma Ectoderm Cervix Cancer
HepG2 2 Hepatocellular carcinoma Endoderm Liver Cancer
HUVEC 2 Umbilical vein endothelial cells Mesoderm Blood vessel Normal
K562 1 Leukemia Mesoderm Blood Cancer
NHEK 3 Epidermal keratinocytes Ectoderm Skin Normal