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Table 1 Summary for all the symbols that are used in the text

From: Bio-physically plausible visualization of highly scattering fluorescent neocortical models for in silico experimentation

λ Wavelength
λ x Excitation wavelength
λ m Emission wavelength
ϕ Quantum yield
ε Molar absorptivity
M Molecular weight
f x Fluorophore excitation spectrum
f m Fluorophore emission spectrum
L ve Self-emission radiance at point p
L s Radiance due to scattering
L i Incoming radiance to point p
L e Outgoing radiance emitted from the light source
x n Point on the light source for a path consisting of n points
x 0 Point on the surface of the virtual film of the camera
x i /x j Point along the path after i or j bounces
\(\overline {x}\) Path connecting the camera and light source
C Concentration
ω Direction
ω Incoming direction
F s Scattering function
G Geometry term
V Binary Visibility
\(V_{f_{i}}\) Path Binary Fluorescence Visibility
τ Transmittance
\(\hat {V}\) Visibility term
σ s Scattering coefficient
σ Absorption coefficient
f p Phase function
p x Photon excitation (or absorption) probability
p m Photon emission probability