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Table 2 The significance of better performance on functional interpretability comparison

From: Comparative network stratification analysis for identifying functional interpretable network biomarkers

Datasets CNS vs. GSVA CNS vs. Pathifier CNS vs. stSVM CNS vs. frSVM CNS vs. AEP <P-value
GSE38642 4.67E-17 1.43E-15 7.65E-92 1.34E-74 5.41E-04 1.0E-04
GSE18732 0.0183 1.29E-04 6.92E-08 6.40E-05 0.015 0.02
GSE27342 1.11E-05 1.52E-05 3.60E-20 5.49E-08 1.33E-05 1.0E-05
GSE35713 5.61E-15 5.46E-13 2.05E-44 1.14E-06 9.12E-16 1.0E-15