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Table 6 Illustrative set of terms highly enriched in BicPAMS biclusters

From: BicPAMS: software for biological data analysis with pattern-based biclustering

Dataset ID Terms Bicluster with best p-value Genes in best bicluster
dlbcl Dl1 Translation processes (including translational initiation and elongation) 4.49E-5 81
  Dl2 Transmembrane-related processes (including Golgi apparatus and MHC protein complex) 5.40E-5 83
  Dl3 Defense response; processes related with intra-cellular communication, including receptor activity 4.91-5 162
  Dl4 Innate immune responses, including response to interferon-gamma 1.06E-4 58
  Dl5 Cellular responses to chemical stimulus, including response to cytokine stimulus 0.001 60
  Dl6 Processes targeting the membrane-enclosed lumen associated with the cell cycle process 2.92E-12 81
  Dl7 Immune system processes 1.27E-4 52
hughes H1 Mitochondrion organization and translation; mitochondrial matrix 2.70E-39 416
  H2 Processes concerning the cell periphery and sporulation; cell wall constituent and organization 1.73E-4 370
  H3 Ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis 3.61E-30 426
  H4 Metabolic and biosynthetic processes of cellular amino acids and carboxylic acids 1.3E-25 581
  H5 Metabolic processes of organonitrogen and sulfur compounds 1.62E-4 504
gasch G1 Cellular response to oxidative stress; generation of precursor metabolites and energy 2.37E-4 296
  G2 Processes to generate precursor metabolites and energy, including the tricarboxylic acid cycle 1.16E-14 954
  G3 Retrotransposon nucleocapsid; viral procapsid maturation 4.34E-6 102
  G4 Processes targeting the intracellular organelle lumen and nuclear lumen 1.17E-47 263
  G5 Nucleolus; ncRNA metabolic processes 1.03E-61 611
  G6 Intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle; structural molecule activity 5.33E-76 293
  G7 Processes targeting the cytosolic part and, in particular, the ribosomal subunit 1.61E-88 460
  G8 Mitochondrion organization; mitochondrial part; biogenesis of certain protein complexes 2.06E-26 592
  G9 Regulation of macromolecular biosynthetic processes; protein modification 2.28E-13 1019
  G10 Organic substance catabolic and metabolic processes (including carbohydrates) 1.02E-15 648
  G11 General processes associated with ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis 1.08E-94 784