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Table 2 Functional annotation of prioritized proteins

From: VacSol: a high throughput in silico pipeline to predict potential therapeutic targets in prokaryotic pathogens using subtractive reverse vaccinology

Protein ID (VacSol) Bacterial protein Gene symbol (NCBI) Molecular weight kDa (ExPASy) Molecular function (UNIPROT) Domains (Interpro Scan) Trans-membrane Helices
3 Iron(III) dicitrate transport protein (FecA) HP1400 94.827 Receptor activity TonB-dependent receptor & plug domain 0
285 Flagellin A (FlaA) HP0601 53.287 Cell motility, Signal transduction and structural molecule activity Flagellin, Flagellin_D0/D1, Flagellin_hook_IN_motif 0
534 Putative beta-lactamase HP1098 31.594 Beta-lactamase activity Sel1-like, TPRlike_ helical_dom, TPR_2 0
825 Iron(III) dicitrate transport protein (FecA) HP0807 88.946 Receptor activity TonB-dependent receptor & plug domain 0
837 Flagellin B (FlaB) HP0115 53.882 Structural molecule activity Flagellin, Flagellin_D0/D1 0
907 Toxin-like outer membrane protein HP0289 311.288 Not defined Autotransport_beta& Vacuolating_cytot oxin_put 1
995 Toxin-like outer membrane protein HP0922 274.563 Not defined VacA2 (motif), Autotransporte_beta, PbH1 0
982 Beta-lactamase HcpA HP0211 27.366 Peptidoglycan, cell wall synthesis Sel1-like, TPRlike_helical_dom 0
1184 Toxin-like outer membrane protein HP0610 212.964 Not defined Vacuolating cytotoxin putative & Autotransporter beta domain 0
1359 Iron(III) dicitrate transport protein (FecA) HP0686 87.698 Receptor activity TonB-dependent receptor, betabarrel, plug domain 0