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Table 5 The nmrstarlib library command-line interface

From: A fast and efficient python library for interfacing with the Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

Command Description Example
convert Convert between NMR-STAR and JSON formats $ python3 -m nmrstarlib convert bmr18569.str 18569.json \
--from_format=nmrstar --to_format=json
 $ python3 -m nmrstarlib convert 18569.json bmr18569.str \
--from_format=json --to_format=nmrstar
csview View assigned chemical shifts $ python3 -m nmrstarlib csview 18569 \
 $ python3 -m nmrstarlib csview 18569 \
--aminoacids=GLU,THR --atoms=CA,CB,CG,CG2 \
--csview_outfile=18569_cs_GLU_THR_CA_CB_CG_CG2 \