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Table 1 Overview of available experiments in the database with the number of plots

From: AHCODA-DB: a data repository with web-based mining tools for the analysis of automated high-content mouse phenomics data

Conventional behavioural experiments Automated home-cage experiments
Experiment # of plots Experiment # of plots
Balance Beam 6 Spontaneous behaviour (Activity bouts) 14
Barnes Maze 12 Spontaneous behaviour (DarkLight index) 15
Body weight 4 Spontaneous behaviour (Habituation) 28
Dark/Light Box 12 Spontaneous behaviour (Kinematics) 28
Elevated Plus Maze (5 min) 15 Spontaneous behaviour (Light/dark phase transition pattern) 16
Fear conditioning 26 Spontaneous behaviour (Sheltering) 14
Grip strength meter 4 Appetitive conditioning (pellet task) 1
Morris Water Maze 11 Avoidance learning (shelter task) 8
Nesting 2 Initial discrimination and reversal learning (CognitionWall) 36
Novel Home Cage Induced Hypophagia 1 Mouse characteristics 3
Novel Object Recognition 41 PhenoTyper data per 1-h time bin 2
Open Field 11   
Pre-Pulse Inhibition 10   
Rotorod 7   
T-maze (spontaneous alternation) 4   
Three Chamber Test 13   
Vision Test 1