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Table 1 Top two central nodes found by ATria and other centrality algorithms on simple networks (*=leader, +=villain). If only one node is listed, all others have centrality zero. Braces indicate a tie. For the weighted 4-clique we ran one example with a leader node and one with a villain. For the two cliques, N(i) indicates some neighbor of node i, which may vary with the algorithm

From: ATria: a novel centrality algorithm applied to biological networks

  Betweenness Closeness Degree PageRank PN ATria
Wt 4-Clique 1 A* A*, D A*, C A*, C A*, C A*
Wt 4-Clique 2 E+ A, D E+, A A, C A, C E+
Rival Groups {A, E}, {B, F} all nodes all nodes all nodes all nodes A
Two Triads {C, E}, D* {C, E}, B* {B*, C}, A C, {A, B*} B*, {A, C} B*, D*
Two Cliques A*, N(A) A*, N(A) A*, N(A) A*, N(A) A*, N(A) A*, B*