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Table 2 Feature comparison with similar web-tools

From: Variant Ranker: a web-tool to rank genomic data according to functional significance

   VariantRanker eXtasy wANNOVAR PhenIX wKGGSeq
Features Input VCF files x x x x x
  Input list of variants x - x - x
  Pedigree input - - - - x
  Phenotype terms (HPO/OMIM) - x x x x
  Result download x x x - -
  Excel import x x x - -
  Genome browser visualisation x - - x x
  Result web storage (shareable links) x - x - x
Annotations Gene information x x x x x
  Population frequency x - x x x
  Deleteriousness prediction x x x x x
  Conservation scores x x x - x
  Clinical associations x - x x x
Analysis Variant prioritisation x x x x x
  Variant ranking x x - x x
  Coding variants x x x x x
  Non-coding variants x - x x x
  Gene Ranking x - x x -
  Functional enrichment analysis x - - - -
  Graphical representation x - x - x
Filtering Genotype filtering (Case Control) x - - - x
  Variant attributes filtering x - x - x
  Inheritance model x - x x x
  Mutation count/gene x - - - x