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Table 1 Comparison of key features between Meta-Storm and Visibiome

From: Visibiome: an efficient microbiome search engine based on a scalable, distributed architecture

Criterion Meta-Storms Visibiome
Scalable architecture No Yes
Job-queuing/Scheduling No Yes
GPU support Yes (Parallel-Meta) No
Web interface No Yes
Database implementation Indexed Flat files MySQL and NumPy matrix
Database size 1,318 samples 24,615
Number of studies 18 2767
Input Custom Preprocessing FASTA or BIOM
Max. samples per submission 1 10 (GNAT)/100 (AESA)
Copy number correction No Yes
Adaptive Rarefaction No Yes
Interactive bar diagrams No Yes
PCoA Yes (Parallel-Meta req.) Yes
Hierarchical Clustering Yes (Parallel-Meta req.) Yes
Distance Measure Unifrac-Like Score EMD-UniFrac