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Table 3 Accuracy comparison with other eight existing methods

From: A new method for enhancer prediction based on deep belief network

Method Description Epigenetic feature type Accuracy(%) Website Reference
ChAT Dynamic Programming Histone modification 41.7 [22]
ChromaSig Likelihood Function Clustering Histone modification, Histone distribution 62.6 Bioinformatics- [23]
CSI-ANN Artificial Neural Network Histone modification 66.3 [24]
Chromogens Support Vector Machine Histone modification 90.0 [25]
Won’s method Hidden Markov Model Histone modification 80.0 [26]
BNFinder Bayes Network Histone modification, Pol II site 78.0 [27]
Yip’s method Random Forest Histone modification 67.0 [28]
RFECS Random Forest Histone modification 90.0 [12]
EnhancerDBN DEEP Belief Network Histone modification 92.0