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Table 3 The functional annotation clustering of the top ranked 100 genes in the ranked list obtained using SRBM-II

From: Identify Huntington’s disease associated genes based on restricted Boltzmann machine with RNA-seq data

Annotation Annotation Genes- P-value Benjamini
cluster   included   
Annotation Membrane 60 7.2E-8 7.3E-6
cluster 1 Plasma membrance 42 5.0E-5 1.1E-3
Annotation Synapse 14 8.2E-7 3.3E-5
cluster 2 Postsynaptic density 10 2.2E-6 7.3E-5
  Dendritic spine 7 7.8E-5 1.6E-3
  Cell junction 11 2.3E-3 2.5E-2
  Synaptic vesicle 4 2.3E-2 1.8E-1
  Postsynaptic membrane 4 9.0E-2 4.0E-1
Annotation Cell-cell adherens junction 8 8.0E-4 1.3E-2
cluster 3