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Table 2 Data sets used for testing findNeighbour performance

From: BugMat and FindNeighbour: command line and server applications for investigating bacterial relatedness

Dataset Sites called Links less than SNP stored Memory usage Mean time to add one sample
A: M. tuberculosis, n = 15,985 mapped to NC_000962 329,714 sites excluded 20 23.5G 2.23 s
B: Neisseria gonorrhoea, n = 2455 mapped to NC_011035 All sites included 500 19.3G 2.95 s
C: Salmonella enterica, n = 5380 mapped to AM933172 51,897 sites excluded 20 7.4G 1.77 s
  1. Data sets studied and FindNeighbour2 performance
  2. The data sets studied, which can be downloaded at are described. Also shown are performance characteristics of Findneighbour2 operating on them using the hardware in Additional file 2