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Table 3 Mouse models of ASD in five datasets

From: dbMDEGA: a database for meta-analysis of differentially expressed genes in autism spectrum disorder

Mouse model Tissue type Dataset Experimental; Control
16p11.2(df/+) Cortex GSE32012 2;3
16p11.2(dp/+) Cortex GSE32012 2;3
MEF2D-KO Cortex GSE47150 3;4
NLGN1-KO Cortex GSE47150 4;4
PTEN-KO Cortex GSE47150 4;4
SHANK3-KO Cortex GSE47150 3;4
Fmr1-KO Cortex GSE47150 4;4
MeCP2-KO Cortex GSE47150 4;4
MEF2A-KO Cortex GSE47150 4;4
NLGN3-KO Cortex GSE47150 4;4
16p11.2(df/+) Cerebellum GSE32012 2;3
16p11.2(dp/+) Cerebellum GSE32012 3;3
Fmr1-KO Cerebellum GSE40630 5;5
Tsc2+/− Cerebellum GSE40630 3;3
En2−/− Cerebellum GSE51612 3;3
BTBR T + tf/J Cerebellum GSE62594 8;8