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Table 3 The feature subset combined the features selected by decision tree and mRMR

From: Protein-protein interface hot spots prediction based on a hybrid feature selection strategy

Feature abbreviation Feature full name
BsRASA Bound side-chain relative accessible surface area
UsASA Unbound side-chain accessible surface area
DpRASA 1/2 \( {\left({RASA}_{unb}(polar)-{RASA}_{bnd}(polar)\right)}^{\frac{1}{2}} \)
BsmDI Bound side-chain mean depth index
Conservation Conservation
UpRASA Unbound polar relative accessible surface area
CNSV_REL1 \( CNSV\_ REL1=\frac{{\widehat{P}}_{ra}}{{\widehat{P}}_A} \)
DtASA 1/2 \( {\left({ASA}_{unb}(total)-{ASA}_{bnd}(total)\right)}^{\frac{1}{2}} \)
UpASA Unbound polar accessible surface area
UtmDI Unbound total mean depth index
Hdrpo Hydrophobicity
BtRASA Bound total relative accessible surface area
B factor Temperature factor
Hdrpi Hydrophilicity
BminPI Bound minimal protrusion index
DnASA 5/2 \( {\left({ASA}_{unb}\left( non- polar\right)-{ASA}_{bnd}\left( non- polar\right)\right)}^{\frac{5}{2}} \)
BpRASA Bound polar relative accessible surface area
BtmDI Bound total mean depth index
BsASA Bound side-chain accessible surface area
DtASA 3/2 \( {\left({ASA}_{unb}(total)-{ASA}_{bnd}(total)\right)}^{\frac{3}{2}} \)