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Table 4 Overlap of differentially expressed sRNAs using three datasets

From: Oasis 2: improved online analysis of small RNA-seq data

  Statistic1 Overlap2 Validated overlap3 FP overlap4
AD Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney 60% 75%(6/8)5 0% (0/2)
Psoriasis Pearson’s chi-squared 73% 64% (7/11) 0% (0/1)
Renal Cancer edgeR [14] 76% 80% (4/5) NA
Schizophrenia DESeq2 (Dejian et al., 2015) 41% 67%(2/3) 0% (0/1)
  1. 1Oasis 2 uses a negative binomial distribution as basis for its statistical evaluation of the differential expression. A very similar approach is taken by the edgeR package that has been used in the Renal Cancer study. The Psoriasis data was analyzed using a Pearson’s chi-squared test and the AD dataset was analyzed using the non-parametric Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test. Schizophrenia dataset used the same approach like Oasis 2. 2Overlap of differentially expressed miRNAs comparing Oasis 2’s results to published data. The percentage is calculated in reference to the shorter DE list. 3Overlap of differentially expressed miRNAs that have been validated independently in addition to the sRNA-seq experiment. 4False positive (FP) differentially expressed miRNAs detected by Oasis 2. 5Only known validated DE miRNAs are considered