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Table 3 ClustAGE annotation vs. gene ortholog analysis

From: ClustAGE: a tool for clustering and distribution analysis of bacterial accessory genomic elements

  # comparisons % of comparisons
Concordant 41,609 98.18%
ClustAGE+ / Ortholog-a 328 0.77%
ClustAGE- / Ortholog+ 443 1.05%
  1. Comparisons of determinations of gene presence or absence based on ClustAGE alignments to determination of orthologous genes based on reciprocal best blast hit (RBB) analysis of annotated genes in the accessory genomes of each strain. Minimum ClustAGE nucleotide alignment percent identity = 85%. Minimum RBB percent identity = 85%
  2. aGenes identified by ClustAGE but not by RBB were counted as present if tblastn analysis identified the gene in accessory genome sequence with at least 50% coverage by length and 85% sequence identity