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Table 1 Evaluation indices

From: An automatic method to calculate heart rate from zebrafish larval cardiac videos

Index Abbreviation Equationa
Mean absolute error MAE \( \frac{1}{n}\sum \left|{e}_i-{a}_i\right| \)
Root-mean-square error RMSE \( {\left(\frac{1}{n}\sum {\left|{e}_i-{a}_i\right|}^2\right)}^{1/2} \)
Relative MAE rMAE \( \frac{1}{n}\bullet \sum \left|\frac{e_i-{a}_i}{a_i}\right| \)
Relative RMSE rRMSE \( {\left(\frac{1}{n}\sum {\left|\frac{e_i-{a}_i}{a_i}\right|}^2\right)}^{1/2} \)
  1. aThe definition of the abbreviations used: n is the number of samples, e i is the estimation for the i-th sample, and a i is the answer of the i-th sample. For heartbeat detection, e i and a i are the number of heartbeats of the i-th video. For heart rate estimation, e i and a i are the heart rates of the i-th video