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Table 5 Case study: rediscover known drugs for diseases and provide the new mechanism of action of the drugs

From: SemaTyP: a knowledge graph based literature mining method for drug discovery

Disease Target Drug Rank
Osteoporosis col18a1 Testosterone 1
Osteoporosis Bone metabolism ap22408 3
Cardiac arrhythmia Actin Terikalant 8
Cardiovascular disease Lymphoid cell Aspirin 1
Cardiovascular disease slc5a1 l-nmma 2
Skin allergie Calprotectin Mometasone 1
Osteoporosis Kinase Calcium-sensing receptor antagonist 3
Anxiety disorder netrin-1 Benzodiazepine 1
Anxiety disorder Urotensin ii Anxiolytic 2
Anxiety disorder Platelet activating factor Buspirone 4
Convulsion epr Anidulafungin 7
Graft-versus-host disease fgf21 Flavopiridol 12