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Table 1 Comparison of LAA and C3S-LAA consensus sequences for B73 amplicons

From: Clustering of circular consensus sequences: accurate error correction and assembly of single molecule real-time reads from multiplexed amplicon libraries

Library typea Method Number of consensus sequences Complete matchb (100% identity) Truncated match (100% identity) Partial match (<100% identity)
Single LAA 14 7 1 6
Single C3S-LAA 9 9 0 0
Multiplex LAA 8 4 1 3
Multiplex C3S-LAA 6 5 0 1
  1. aThe single library had nine expected consensus sequences, whereas the multiplex library had six expected consensus sequences.
  2. bFor the multiplex sample library, the B73 v3 assembly contained a gap relative to one of the five amplicon sequences, leading to one C3S-LAA sequence having a partial match. This gap was filled in the latest B73 v4 release