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Table 7 Energy budget on a 28 nm. manufacturing process chip (all Kepler and Maxwell GPUs)

From: DNA sequences alignment in multi-GPUs: acceleration and energy payoff

  Computational task performed on the GPU Power consumption (energy in picojoules)
Computation Add operator using integer operands (ALU) 0.4
  Mul operator using fp64 operands (FPU) 25
  Fused multiply-add on fp64 operands (FPU) 40
Data movement Transition (milimeter traversed per bit) 0.2
  On-chip fp64 communication [1, 10, 20 mm.] [3, 64, 250]
  Efficient off-chip link 500
Memory access Local access to a register file 2
  256-bit access to on-chip 8 KB. SRAM cache 50
  DRAM read/write (for an entire cache line) 16000